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Environmental conservation is one of humanity’s biggest issues for the 21st century. Rubber and plastics pollution severely harm the environment. There are currently 9.1 billion tons of plastic waste in the world. Professor Roland Geyer of the University of California Santa Barbara, spent years trying to discover how much waste was generated by people. He obtained data from the major international associations of the World Trade Organization showing that since mass production in 1950, humans have produced nearly 91 tons of plastic waste. Nearly 50% of plastics today have been manufactured in the last 13 years. 


Only 25% of the plastic waste is recycled, with the remaining 75% not recyclable. About 14 million tons of plastic waste, an annual rate of 5-8%, is not recycled every year in China. The main reason for this is that the recycling cost is greater than the actual utilization economic value.


Landfill incineration can not solve the problem fundamentally. Landfills require 300-500 kW-h per ton. The soil pollution generated by them is far greater than the costs of the incineration power generation, the high infrastructure investment, and the electricity generation, of which the value is only $43 (USD).


The United Nations has designated June 5th of each year as World Environment Day. This was established in 1974 to promote worldwide awareness and environmental protection around the world. The United Nations appeals to all people to refuse to use disposable plastic products and warns the public of increasing plastic waste. This has been difficult to control, therefore our company develops eco-friendly plastic technology in effort to save the earth.

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